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Lipstick Angels Founder Renata Helfman On Using The Power Of Beauty To Help Cancer Patients

Renata Helfman is the founder of Lipstick Angels, a non-profit organization that has "angels" - or volunteers - who visit hospitals and offer companionship, along with spa treatments, to cancer sufferers.

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"We are a source of comfort, a source of friendship and also of course doing our beauty services."

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What are the Lipstick Angels and what exactly do you do when you go into the hospitals? - Absolutely, you explained it very well, we go into the infusions centers, so while cancer patients are infused with their chemotherapy is when our angels are doing their work. So we pick this venue after trying a lot of different places in the hospital because we found that that is a very very scary time while you're actually being infused and it's a very long period of time, a patient can be there anywhere from two to five or six or seven hours so it's an amazing time to have an angel sit by your side and not only give the gift of beauty, light and color but also we have learned is not everyone goes to these chemotherapy sessions with a family member or a friend and are alone, so we are a source of comfort, a source of friendship and also of course doing our beauty services. - So you're literally sitting in the room with them as they are getting plutonium and all other kinds of toxic materials to kill the cancer cells in that moment and not just distracting them but actually giving them literally a full facial makeover right. Can you describe what would be a normal procedure with somebody who, man or woman actually, lets say for a woman if an angel if one of your volunteers of Lipstick Angels meets a patient like that, what do they do, what's the bandwidth of things they can do for somebody? - Yes, the services we offer go from full beauty make up which will be foundation, blush, highlighter, a big one of course if you can imagine when you have cancer is eyebrows, as you loose, most of the women we see have lost their eyebrows so not only putting their eyebrows back on but teaching them how to do it. Eye shadow and of course lipstick and we also offer facial treatments so before we do the beauty and makeup we do very hydrating facials. Most important part of our program is that we are using all natural products.