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Listen: "The ravens actually blocked the extra point"

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Maddie Meyer
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Going to to happen happen just just like like jonas jonas only only two two touchdown touchdown passes passes in in his his first first start start of of the the season season to to alum alum the the rookie rookie corey corey holeman holeman and and the the browns browns are are at at what what he he did did google google the the ravens ravens actually actually blocked blocked the the extra extra point point and and played played by by young young returned returned it it all all the the way way to to the the other other end end zone zone to to get get all all the the more more on on the the board board for for the the first first time time today today but but still still or or thirty four thirty four del del in in the the first first quarter quarter the the browns browns are are ahead ahead of of baltimore baltimore twenty two twenty two to to have have that that calm calm balance balance that that and and this this now now as as we we were were getting.