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Listen: "Why I have not brought up the Manning situation before"

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Ronald Martinez
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We would never do anything done so if that answers your question about why have not brought up the Manning situation before the main in case before I knew about it but I me I when I talk about Ben Roethlisberger I don't bring up the allegations against him you know I talk about the Dallas Cowboys now we don't regurgitate everything that happened with Greg Hardy we can't the Davis Winston situation to So I go on and on and give you examples of athletes who were not real good people or who have damning incidents in their past another harassment part is something that I spent more time thinking about because this is happened to me more times than I can or ever we'll talk about so be different situations that a trainer described and her facts of the case and also but she went through I've no doubt that she went through this and her career none because I know that I have I can certainly identify with her in this situation fifteen years ago a decade ago this kind of crap happened all the time to me in my own places of business it's actually harassed called names treated can imagine a woman would be treated in a locker room so it happen in my own place is a business that that acted like locker rooms and also happened in locker rooms and I know that you ask any female who's been in a professional locker room and she will tell you similar stories age issues done it out by the last couple of years teams are obviously cracking down a lot more on this in and so our media companies but the incident that she describes with Peyton Manning whether he mood turned whether he actually assaulted her again I'd I don't know either way it's disgusting i've been a locker rooms were players have dropped Raul right next to my head and I mean right in front of my face on purpose just to be complete jerks just to harass me i've been doing interviews where players have come up behind the person I'm talking to directly in my site line and of also dropped their pants and grab themselves right in front unfortunately there are players athletes who will trio like that and who will get away with it cause it's their territory because there are more well known than you know because more than likely most women in that situation are going to make a Stanton are going to say anything In the pictures I've been shown the wrangling at work the names I get called by the way the these are reasons why do not take harassed on social media I refuse i'm not going down that road again I shouldn't have to put up with them for a long time in my career and I'm not do it anymore especially from people that I don't know when don't know me but there was a point in my career where I made a very conscious decision to quote on quote tough it out to keep it to myself knowing what would happen and that's the part that I hate so much for this woman for this Dr. was very bright very well light at least by the accounts that we heard from her perspective I knew the same thing that happened her would be what happened to me if I made in an issue if I went public if I was a whistle blow or any extreme cases and we're talking about people that you know people working TB names that you know but it's a battle that he can't win as a female most business so as long as I was in in any danger I took steps to make sure that I wasn't I just except the fact that I would get traded like an outsider that I would get BLACKBALLED that would get brand this high maintenance Price anything so I didn't and I hate I hate that this woman who had such an amazing career and he's done so many amazing things because of how bright she isn't how smart she is how well she doesn't her career at both aircraft as well as communicating with others I hate that this is what's become of her career because she spoke out because she filed lawsuits because she went after both you T and Manning.