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Listen: "North Carolina is a team that traditionally has struggled from the three point line"

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Ed Zurga
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Game a thirteen point five left and see what happens Carolina's a team that traditionally I've struggled from the three point line although they played had they done a good job today at the three point line in the championship the they've struggled one throughout the season but pages come up big big rebounds you know to make it a one point game they fouled with the line cause don't know the may both shots so the mixture and you need Marcus Paige this is where the the leadership and this is where it has to come in for a guy like that to make the big shots and ser wow it is now a tie game with four point seven left it's been this is been just a ridiculous game in a good way and as I said the Marcus Paige situation is unique the veteran leadership and that's the quality and strength of both East teams as they have you done everybody's got three from Steph Curry and he brought the ball downed it was me and threw up a thoroughly lucky with before that point seven seconds left and hit nothing but net unbelievable but we will argue that you gave shoe has struggled for most of the night storm also season shooting threes wow we've all and for Villanova by the way to second best free throw shooting team in the country they've been so and you got to played here strengths in the final game it's the championship game well about this game is not just the players think about the coaching in this as well Roy Williams is going for a third National Championship Jay Wright is going for his first national champion goes from being a guy that's a great recruiter that every year has villain over competitive winning the Big East to not getting it done in the big you know in the toward a bit to potentially here doing it the greatness of Roy Williams highlighted by third championship for work or the beers sending Jay right in terms of greatness getting that first one there's so many story lines of plots that we're going to find out sued Villanova.