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Listen: "Investors to our bracing for the downside of holiday weekend discounts" BUSINESS WRAP

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And here's tonight's money was belong holiday weekend of millions but investors in a move to think twice in strategist say after the run up we've seen since the election it was about time for a breather the stuck averages pull back by about a quarter do a half percent the dow following fifty four points the naz dad thirty me s and p twelve investors to our bracing for the downside of holiday weekend discounts the national retail federation says more listed shop over the block friday weekend but the take they'll a little bit from last year state discounting getting the blame jc penny and may see slash prices to get people through the doors and they'll be digital systems thanks to cyber monday take will rise about nine and a half percent over last year's level but again only of the discounts or steep enough you vs however is expecting a record holiday season company so you know damon abney says things got off to a good start or volume of over the weekend game in about were reply and obviously higher than lies sure radio sleep is very important timmy and when i was thinking them i mattress i just melk man seen a sleeper what you do enjoy huge savings and a great nicely this is randy man siemian inviting you to our trip about his mantra sales we have a young families so budget was very important terrorist we found what we needed at man seriously for all of them and see if we over the largest selection of tom brand mattresses at the lowest possible bryce hurry in for this.