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Forgotten Tropics Band Members On First Albums And First Concerts

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Kevin Winter
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Forgotten tropics is an into the band their plant reggie's tomorrow night and zachary roth and steve luck of its are with me and we're gonna play another song off the record of the before we do that i always ask and i was just saying his off the year you guys know the youngest and i've ever had on the show and i think yeah i think i think you guys on the youngest members of a man of everyone on the show so it's gonna be interesting when i ask the two questions that i always asked musicians when they command which is just what was your first out more we're first concert it's gonna make me feel very old that's on gonna say right now but let's start with you exact what was the first we got the first one over but myself it was the first by and it was loathe earnings three sound there's nothing wrong with that that music rules man yeah the return of the king soundtracked my mom is like go by now was looped around and they recognize nothing besides that yeah so you got to learn of the rink that's very cool steven about your first out mine was never mind bubble okay they're an old school there you go and zach first concert you ever wanted i think is the color is proving you know.