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Listen: "Chris Christie who is at one time the governor of New-Jersey"

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Justin Sullivan
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United States and it was not lost on one particular question because you know there's a presidential campaign going on now to an Chris Christie who is at one time they governor of New Jersey Andy presidential candidate Emmys all that rolled in the one at the moment and he was out on the campaign trail and one of the faithful I guess I don't know who's a supporter refused to somebody who is looking to figure out what to do with his vote ask Chris Christie so you're stayed is now buried under several feet of snow why you're you we hear a campaigning instead of back coma and taking care of the flooding at innovating it's gone on since the blue should happen and Chris Christie's response was what he wanna go down there with a pop i love that guy yeah absolutely love that guy he is the best when it comes to that cannot off the cost quit problem is that you know that's going to Gardner many votes especially the some state in New Jersey but still when your middle going on there with a mock is a pretty outstanding response to that now from the world in politics for a time an the world of the United States armed forces the man who is in command of the news the Secretary of Defense second only of course to the Commander in Chief would present in the United States and served is secretary of defense under two different president's boys brought to that position under President George W Bush an continued until twenty eleven under President Obama Robert gauges also at alternate times he led universities she's lead private industry and now service is the president of the boys scouts of America and joins us to do a little talk in a night end Secretary Robert it's welcomed overnight America thanks for joining us my pleasure thank you for having me absolutely in a brand-new book from you a passion for leadership lessons on changing reformed from fifty years of public service in an I wanna talk first of all about your own passion fur leadership you certainly beginning in many many different positions of leadership so where doesn't stem firming you personally isn't something which was born in what I don't know whether its and they'd or whether it and whether it develops but that I guess I I have as I say in the book I'd love day-to-day institutions I've lead.