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Listen: "With barclays maybe doing is looking at it going will" BARCLAYS US DEMAND

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Oli Scarff
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Is it is how how much scrambling is going on and justice right now and is that wide gain barclays decided perhaps to take a step back to let them su and then see what happens well i certainly that ability in a league where at the end of it in ministry shunned i'll go again senior leadership he wants to see the case was all the the lower level people who do the actual work on the cases aren't going to change but with barclays maybe doing is looking at it going will you know once the dust settled after the change let's see what happens let's see how much they want to litigate i suspect barclays was hoping that they can whittled down any subtle none them attack pointed out it's really you know what would we see these numbers a seven billionaires five point two ways that that's not the real number that's been the habs line but it made needed i suspect the plan and john it is sessions on record as far as andy trust well kirshner saying any trust this is or merely thirties fraud case.