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Listen: "Wisconsin beating Xavier sixty-six sixty-three"

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Stephen Dunn
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We did when you are really be winning the West would wanted to double their Radio Network you heard Brian Flynn Canning in and the game winning three after going in the game tied for eighth Wisconsin beating Xavier sixty-six sixty-three in the East also in May it was Notre Dame released the without Boston seventy-six seventy-five irks Lugar tap in a rebound with a second and a half to go for the game winning shot more euphoria I'm disappointed in the West Region it his number three Texas a M rally from twelve points down with thirty-four seconds to go in regulation in the feat number eleven or the Marwin double overtime ninety-two eighty-eight Texas a M Head Coach Billy Kennedy feels bear for UN on Scott a bitter sweet win the C Northern will they're players in inner coaches up that so much respect for them but we've been blessed and we're moving on Powers Through so at Texas a M with twenty-five points and Darren Boris elsewhere it was villain all in the South region it over Iowa eighty-seven sixty-eight Maryland be Cole already seventy-three sixty in the Midwest Syracuse time Middle Tennessee State seventy-five fifty fifty in the al West Region Oregon be Fayne shows sixteen either sixty-four and all go home are over BC years or eighty-five to eighty Warren none of the NBA and will start in Dallas were Dirk Nowitzki put on a show spent still boldly right elbow pop is healthy thirty but it's huge group he finished with forty and the Mavericks be played with an overtime one thirty-two.