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Listen: He believes that he can hide in the NFL

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Jamie Squire
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Have he believes that he can hide in the NFL yes he did spend one year with the Raiders coaching quarterbacks that was when rich gay then was there he would like to or any NFL now as a position coaches maybe a quarterbacks coach he believes that's where he can resurfaced he says he is healthy An that he's i don't know he told us he didn't actually haven't alcohol problem and yet these following a lawsuit against USA for what is considered disability The fact that he had in alcohol problems I'm not really sure how that works year he did or he didn't But he wants to get back to work even while this law suit is going on crazy what people will file lawsuits for these days is that not in 2016 postseason occasion wants back into be NFL want to work again that's not the biggest story This figure it out I think I think he's leaping probably that would be a big story to do we ever can Tim sleeping on film At the myth until we can go come but it's been done just not by us Thanks to that what are your sports resolutions were 2016 eight five five two one two four two two seven eight eight five five two one two four two two seven suddenly is then Oakland silly soulmate.