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A Surprising Statistic Among Teenagers For Depression 

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Marco Di Lauro
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He's in a social media bullying to be specific it's a study by johns hopkins which from the one in six adolescent girls say they have been grappling with depression and for the decade ending an twenty four team depression among teenagers overall is up thirty seven percent why blame us adults it's our job to make sure this kind of thing does not develop now it's easier said than done in there are a lot of factors to consider good here's something to think about we try to control too much we have created an impossible booker rules for teenagers to try to live by it is very difficult for adults to maneuver through this politically correct world without bumping into someone else's label imagine how hard it is for kids to do it they don't even know the labels what happens is they get the idea that all labels are good unnecessary this kids groups against groups against other groups from big groups to micro graupe said the result is kids can say what they're actually thinking without being put in a group that they almost surely or not really a part of that stressful it can be depressing that along come smart phones and social media which has as many horns as halos except a teenaged boy or girl was powerless to fight back and some young people get destroyed online there's no easy answer for cyber bullying back in the day coach mack would introduce the boley to the paddle today we can't even put the cyber bully in the corner not just another story karlie karns cbs team leaders funeral stop and even though white house press room that were rusher has to realize that they could not here's where come on you turn man where there's like a much me far back was known for someone seeing the world the news won't wade's on viber i would've used to way excuse yourself at the top of the hour in thirty minutes stayed for him torii in related news feed oh time two way on news radio forty w wait to hear as severe whether stage youth radio eight forty told you ha as planned online at www ha as dot com.