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Listen: "The home state advantage certainly played a role, this is the first state Kasich has won in campaign 2016"

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Governor John case it has pulled it off in his home state CBS News estimates case it will be Donald Trump in the Ohio primary correspondent Steve Bartman joins us live from Casey came quarters and Bill there was huge cheering Webb here when the announcement was made about the projections this with about John case it to continue his campaign the Ohio Governor it all stalled but said if you lost his presidential beat would be over the home state advantage certainly played a role this is the first a case of his one in campaign Twenty Sixteen any hopes with helping a three-way race to stop will significantly rise by the way he's six still has never lost an election in Ohio Live a case of headquarters of a real Ohio Steve vitamins CBS News a big Donald Trump win in Florida has brought Senator Marco Rubios Presidential Campaign to an end legal live to Rubio headquarters in Miami and correspondent Peter King Bill Marco Rubio says he tried to run realistic but optimistic campaign he spoke for about ten minutes for making the inevitable announcement while it is not God's plan denied the president in Twenty Sixteen or are maybe ever while today my campaign is suspended the fact that I've even come the start is evidence of how special America truly is without mentioning Donald Trump by name Rubio spoke of the need for a conservative movement build on principles in ideas not on creating anger fear and praying on people's frustrations bill for more on today's primary as we go to the CBS News election desk and correspondent Steve importantly CBS News projects Hillary Clinton is the winner of the Democratic Primary is in Florida North Carolina and Ohio clicked into speaking to flip supporters in Florida right now work in each of the state she's won so far Clinton leads Bernie Sanders in the raw vote count by double digits if not by a two to one margin Sanders had invested a lot of time in Ohio we hope to repeat a stunning upset Michigan last week but of the five contests night so far Clinton has won three of them we see toss ups is Democratic votes Triple A Min misery and Illinois bill and work but there's still speaking to her supporters in West Palm Beach Florida let's listen in January's sat down at that and start making decisions that will affect the lives and a lively Hyde's everyone in this time three everyone.