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Why You Should Encourage Your Kid To Be A 3-Sport Athlete

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Doug Benc
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And it's it's a third in your trip role triple threat series of what is the dh all about well right as you might have guessed from the title into baseball book and and he said it's was third in the series i started a couple years back about eight high school freshman leap target audience and continuing high school in high school who is eighty three sport athlete and you know interior big sports fan very few kids are more than one sport athlete in today's world their parents wanted the focus someone sports so they can become a start picking me the next iger would to roger federer brown james or peyton manning whomever might be instead of just enjoying sports and i created this this it can alex myers to end the first book in the series the walk on and quarterback in the second but couldn't series to expand a point guard and in this book the dh in baseball player and i tried to create an entertaining story to drive in the kids in then while matt it may be throw in a couple of lessons without being preached he about the right way to do things as an athlete the wrong way to do things as an athlete the right way to do things as apparent i'm an athlete and the wrong way to do things for the pairing of an athlete let's just been though that what is your you know there's so many things that we talk about here on this show about certain athletes getting in trouble and for different a variety of things now in this one he admits that taking peta sweater peta.