Listen: "But if that person becomes a Pro Bowler"

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Doug Benc
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I mean Richie Incognito was up was a very valuable Hopkins who won many just made some dumb decisions but it even ideal I never really thought Jonathan Martin was the complete Another victim of the whole thing anyone but I was a little bit blown out a proportion although some of this text messages we're just awful in rude and racist but nevertheless regardless of how you feel about him as a person Don't get into the habit of thinking that there's a bit there's going repression upset now that anytime a player gets caught or a player gets released and spends a little time away that he always good team a discount after having a Pro Bowl season that's not how it works you can sign for the league minimum that's no problem I don't have a problem with that if there's a guy float now paired that just can't get the job and you have an opening New York to give him an opportunity you want to pay them below market value when he's just looking to get that can I have no problems with that but if that person becomes a Pro Bowler if that if the person becomes excellent is job in one of the reasons and yet a good strong running game then you pay arm and you pay of what he's worth and YOUR salary cap problems are not his problems again believe the Bills are upset about this is a trial below that they're hoping is that they're hoping sticks are they hoping that his age it was a sleep all they opened that his agent as is sensitive to their polite as they are you got to be kidding this is dumb as it gets they should be ashamed of themselves this is only the routinely gets were the players good players because they're over the cap because they cant they they they can contribute in that they're done they just got rid of Mario Williams who just came off a terrible here and no problem with that same themselves a bunch of money he wasn't produce some anymore y keep him around it nineteen million here that's crazy that's the way the league's finances are set up you want to re-sign him from the bolo you know ball below that that's up to him in his agent but the sort of pressure to put a little pressure and their Richie Incognito always you something is no oline anything there's a contract you play to the contract you provide this service I PIT you this about a money there is no favors here since one of the NFL's ever done anybody a favor all just want to give him a job silly and again I know you know I'm not in the mode Belgian for which Richie Incognito is character here you can you can feel the what you want about him completely.