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Listen: "Then you play in the Super Bowl and on top of that you played in the Pro Bowl"

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Joe Robbins
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Coming up in a couple the Panthers are pretty banged up but they're going to play and him in points and when playing in that regard you've got most legendary story ever ever you snap your legs for inches above the ankle in the divisional round you return to that game you play the following week then you play in the Super Bowl and on top of that you played in the Pro Bowl we've talked about this Jack seriously Cowher you able to play on a broken leg not very well I don't agree and I I if there's a if there's a regret in the fourteen years it's that died had that injury at that moment when we roamed the verge again as he did we had nowhere to enter a place for time before and we were on the verge of getting to that two that accomplishment of the Super Bowl what if I'm breathing not about admits that opportunity one because I'm hoping that's my job and I I wanted to go and and see if I could add To with my teammates are going to do not be and can not be at that we remember what the response was they know which are dealing with they know how badly he injured you are what Kevin impacted that have on your team and a locker room I think they looked at me very with a lot of respect and some Omer go in what the doctors the doctors that you're crazy and I wish I know that we already on the stuff that I don't I don't know what to reward spent all that money to get that it gave to tell me something I don't already know talking I think the they'd be looked at it is his you know if if he's going to go to that extent store with a story goes jacket you had a couple of Darvish that some coffee Seguin and some take and you're out there my question is missing without much adrenaline coursing through your fans or man did that he was bad as it must of fell to fight through it if you thought about it if you thought about it then the pain was was more if you tried to blocking out in when you're focusing on the game and known on my responsibility on Larry Brown in front of me had the size of my In this will be a long day come below that that's when the the the pain when away because you had to focus so hard will look to try a so there's never been a few quite like that Jack Youngblood Hall of Famer joining on a row which reaction you see Thomas Davis now has a guy who's already come back from three torn ACL is in the same he broke his arm in the NFC championship game will play Sunday is that kind of a kindred spirit we thing about that I don't want to get around that kid he's duds that he has he as a cloud over with three three Acee of same need saying the and now he breaks uno that's how did you know he needs to get on his knees and that's a good Lillard for some for an Angels so they the key there is he's got the will watch to go play he wants to contribute to deuce team he may never get that opportunity you may never be in that position to play in this type of the ballgame ever but so is his long is that the the damage can't be done in a word and it's not going to go than it hit effect laid down the road go try Jack young what my guess look in your Twitter avatar and you've got a photo of Rams defensive end Chris Long I know that he was somebody he wanted to see the team draft So much the you called the team said Luck get this guy What is it about his candy you like we like but he's a guy Chris got a little bit steady and it and and be honest I wanted to awarded the the legacy of of left the FISU for the loss in for the Rams to continue in us all that that risk we hadn't we hadn't had too many and there are you know who the course the last twenty years that could pick to follow in the game you can follow him to share Chris was the first when you come along that pick could continue that check match when I first got my first TD gig.