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Listen: "He went to court against the NFL and won"

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Jonathan Daniel
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Being a member of the second best league in the world academy in the first league he wanted to challenge the NFL he sued them he did when all three dollars but it bankrupt the league Wright you know the league the first year the USFL was was successful the factor and then ratings of Gooden of the quality football was good then he decided he wanted to move it to the fall cousins staying high-scoring stupid any fire you know we fought him one to court against the NFL anyone but they're just going in such a strong direction right things are growing something wrong with having a league got that it did in nine there's Giants and it was just a great their offense rather win in a Selby Tim opulent sport right and most popular lead in this country the great but they decided that you know instead of just going slowly and build the USFL and then go from there may be the Bills a super team that the NFL has to bring in all he had a goal by crop the Leake so that's I was again I mean you know what I was watching that the league develop them to get what they want to try to do at the the AFL didn't just four or just make money which they did the other first year he had TV contracts with ESPN an eighty there were there were good good contracts because they were trying to filling that gap where you know that they play march April May and June so you know that baseball going on then but that but baseball's as leisurely sport and getting to Reggie White's Jim Callis against outbid did Archer Walker partial Mike thank you I mean they both played for the Generals and his team for good teams were good that they lost in a plus really good regular but he just couldn't lethal hole Knox alone and just build a go all in like Donald Trump doesn't probably didn't listen to the right people right that's the thing that's ss The Core but should Donald Trump is he going to be the person who listens to an advisor and then noon take their Werden and understood maybe that personal more than he does about a certain that you just get the feeling that Donald Trump think she knows more about everything than everyone and some which will call today who would be the fight vice president of talk about that both sides I have four okay I've forgotten we come back after News weather and traffic with Matt situation calls it six seven six one nine sixty former Texas won set when two eight six five six three three full on Twitter at Herald Radio he can follow Cam Twitter video can pick me a chance up twenty-five Matt Matt theft underscore news and Andrew Schneider at Andrew schneid will be joined at seven o clock by a drama call in seven Forty list block saw Thomas a school times dot com.