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Kurt Cobain Can't Protest Montage Of Heck, But Jeff Burlingame Can

Jeff Burlingame, a close friend of the late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain and the author of his biography explains why he thinks Cobain wouldn't have approved of the posthumous release of the biographical movie Montage Of Heck, which includes footage from the musician's personal archive.

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"I can't imagine that those boombox recordings the he has or whatever else he has, some of the home videos for example that are in Montage Of Heck would've set well with him, had he known that they were being released."

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If I pass, when I pass, which we all are going to, unfortunately, the, I don't know that I would want those released. Harper Lee, To Kill A Mockingbird author, and I use an example of her situation in the Time magazine article, there's a new novel that she released and it's kind of like well did she actually release it? She's 89 years old, she's in a care home, does she have capacity to do so? Or is it someone in her inner circle that took that and decided, hey, we can make some bucks off this, it's Harper Lee for Christ's sake so let's do it. And I feel that Kurt's legacy has been exploited in that regard and I can't imagine if someone took my stuff that was unfinished or just you know, haphazard drafts that I'd thrown out there in a drunken stupor one night and said hey this would be a great idea for a book and jotted it down and now all of a sudden, you know, millions of people are reading it, I just, I just couldn't imagine that and I don't think Kurt would appreciate that either. - Yeah, posthumous releases of any kind whether they're literary works or music, I tend to have, I come from two different thoughts. One of which it's really nice to hear something or see something or read something that is new, that an artist, there's that curiosity there, but also there is the artist's, yeah, respecting the artist's integrity that they never meant for it to be released. So it wasn't finished. -Yeah, I mean again, as I said in the article it was, Kurt was a perfectionist. If you talk to people who know him or knew him or that played music with him, he practiced like crazy, he kicked the drummers out of his band that didn't fit his mold, he, some of them because, some of the local people because they wouldn't practice or couldn't make it to practice on time because he wanted the music to be great. So I can't imagine that those boombox recordings that he has or whatever else he has, some of the home videos for example that are in Montage Of Heck would've sat well with him, had he known that they were being released, I, putting myself in those shoes, I don't think I would be comfortable with that.