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Listen: "Ferguson mayor, James Knowles, says they did it to avoid bankruptcy"

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I'm averaged Aikman Ferguson mayor James Bylsma says they did it to avoid bankruptcy Nole says the city council voted to project seven parts of the Department of justice consent decree because the city can't afford it but we know that most of all rush Missouri now going to Portis cheaper then signing and so I mean if you just making enough cost analysis of the now this was so we know that it's Jupiter to find it in court knows told Cam Alexis Mark reared in the biggest change they were jacket was giving the Ferguson Police Department to twenty five percent Rays which would've cost another eight hundred sixty thousand dollars a year it'll be spring before Ross sewage dubs flowing of the Bear make river from the Fla. damaged chemistry treatment plan in fend to not supported amnesty spokesman Sean have Lee who says Cruz a been working since the December reigns forms to fix the massive damage inflicted upon the point and elicit conclusive works in the water So the electrical so that has had to be is usually plays that well they put into their old had to go through it it's a look at it clean that he would feel was solid revolt these timeline calls for given the thing plan partially back online by margin than fully operational sometime in April Brooklyn Newsradio eleven twenty came a lack the public meeting on the fence and played happens at six o'clock this Friday night tipping Arnold Recreation Center police and Collins Bill save the sexual assault reported in a nightclub parking lot last week didn't happen twenty one year old lease assessed of Imperial told authorities she was confronted by a stranger in the parking lot of wild country run twelve forty A.M. during a college Night at the bar she said the man director into a car punched her and re-enter police don't know why she made it up she faces one charge of obstruction of justice in one counted disorderly conduct she's not in custody In the wake second with a forecast calls for although with sixteen degrees over nights Thursday looks like we could see some clubs and two breaks of sunshine still cold though I thirty were up to thirty seven on Friday with clouds breaking in the afternoon for more sunshine.