Listen: "Myself Like many coaches in the National Football League, spent a lot of time trying to beat him..."

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Patrick Smith
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Good morning it is to everybody first up a nice ones that thanks to your family forgive me the opportunity to be a part of this is small part of this I think is well documented obviously I want Peyton one-year nine months is what I said what we go Peyton's from a right but myself Like many coaches in the National Football League it's been a lot of time trying to beating but the last seventeen years I had many opportunities wasn't very successful does matter fact Patrick's Mike reminded me to date that your record when I was in used was ten or two against me and I ten Petra guys that Patrick you know his record to share was ten into as a starter and I think he was ten into or ten one or ten uno gets a lot of coaches in this league so but I had tremendous respect for it and throughout my years in the league as a coach I think we all knew I knew what he was as a player what he accomplished says a player what he was capable of doing as a player but I think the thing that we all respect it is what you are as a person and the way he represented the National Football League I know as a coach when you reminded all the time about to shield protect in the she'll doing right by the National Football League there could not been a greater Temple then yourself throughout the years but it's been a great man months and everything and it the right way for the Denver Broncos and what a ride it was but it wasn't easy for that it was an easy and when I wanted to share stories with everybody so I don't Turner with all of America today but I want to do this I think it's important and I'll be real quick but this season was a great one but it was a tough one and he and I had some tremendous meetings interesting moments along the way I'm going to make it brief but I want to make a point we were nine weeks into the season we were seven into we have had a rough day against Kansas City and though he wasn't feeling good news but was hurting we went to my office and I said you're going to get well he was not roll happen with that not real happy but we preceded on that path to getting going well and trying to hang on as a football team to continue to battle so over the next several weeks we had many meetings didn't win many meetings many sit downs and I remember him coming out the cast after put missed will make asked for a couple.