Eighty Percent Of Public School Teachers Are White, Is That Wrong?

Pamela Lewis, a New York public school teacher for the past 13 years and author of the book "Teaching While Black", talks about the importance of teachers of color in an urban environment.

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nationwide I believe now we're at a point where the majority of Public Schools students our umm of color and I think I don't think that I think that eighty percent some around their maybe at seventy-nine error eighty-two percent of public school teachers our white Miami I mean what is to problematic about that on its face and there's a few issues that that one you know we we thought we talk about it people of Fed this time and time again in any capacity whether that you know Teaching or any of a profession you want to be people that look like you and they're in a profession because it just makes you will add to the something that I can of by too so yes he won a few black doctor's He lotta Feedback lawyer if you wanna see are so end in other spaces other then you know the Jud Beal are on the corner or the Jud below that which Caster to play a judge Baylor you're play N.Y.P.D. blew right but then on top of just beat the average profession eighteen speaking of education you know I mean if you're a teacher you have prevent big a keep but Education you or the person with knowledge to you with a person who it is Educate it and it we're trying to get our kids to understand that bait the should value in education how in how can we not have he just of color via to show the like this can be Hugo you know what I mean you deserve it could be argued eighty profane and and it some time women I but you know good team year than a clash and at actually have hurt students eighteenth like that'll be an White when you Speaking properly missed that's best doesn't be of white when you get I'm getting stating is set to be of She still light I'm so that's that's one of the more obvious issues with having out you know eighty preceded speeches he why