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Listen: Pro Football weekly says the Forty Niners will fire first year head coach Jim Tom so look

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Wesley Hitt
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So Andrea latest sports update right now here's run flatter Sports Flash in the game's kick off in two and a half hours but the coaching stories are going full tilt around he NFL like at Indianapolis a win is the most important thing you know we were still in a arms we gotta get the win reports say Chuck Pagano needs the Colts debate Tennessee today answer define a long odds to make the playoffs or else he'll be out this coming week as coach NFL media reports the Colts may try to defy the odds all over again by making a called Alabama coach Nick say but or go after Sean Payton at the Saints cut him loose as her today's game reports say just signed cornerback Josh Freeman will start against the titans because everyone else Z there on healthier inexperienced Pro Football weekly says the Forty Niners will fire first year head coach Jim Tom so look after today's home game against Saint Louis but they will retain GM trend faulty There is no lack of reports that Cleveland will fire Coach Mike Pat man GM Ray farmer after today's game against Pittsburgh a game at the Browns say Johnny man's Ellis missing because of a concussion USA Today reports man's out was out last night in Las Vegas having dinner an playing black check the Browns denied colleges after blowout dotted the ball map on New Year's Eve in New Year's Day things got more competitive in a few cases yesterday even though he didn't look like a for a while in San Antonio.