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Listen: "Never thought we'd get here, that Donald Trump is the presumptive nominee"

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John Sommers II
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Slash talker TV lots of talked about today yes indeed do we see wake up to their youth reality that Donald Trump believe it or not never thought I would get here that Donald Trump is the presumptive nominated other Republican Party even the Republican national committee putting out a tweet last night tweeting out last night I should say I guess that the Donald Trump so nominee and we have to now unite behind him Donald Trump himself call in the four year Republican unity and praising Ryan's pre this in his son victory speech last night and on the Democratic side whoever bullied we'd be at this point in May of two thousand and sixteen with Bernie Sanders still racking up victory after victory wanting eighteen State so far even though all the pundit and the professional politicians will tell you it's all over and Hillary Clinton is a presumptive Democratic nominee not yeah she's not lots to talk about today we look forward to a getting your calls again at eight six six fifty-five press let's call so far keep I'm coming and send us your comments about last night on Twitter IPP Show on a Facebook as Facebook dot com slash bill press show Peter I burner Jamie Benn some leading up our team this morning re Rogers on the phones ready for your calls it eight six six.