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Listen: "Hillary Clinton has scored at least four projected wins out of five democratic primaries"

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Joe Raedle
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For here's the Saint Louis Blues hockey hoisted the blows KMOX KMOX HD Saint Louis Ok HD three yes need time to mission to be Hillary Clinton and scored at least four projected wins out of five Democratic Primary sailed Tuesday Ohio North Carolina Florida in Illinois Missouri still it's awesome this is another so part Tuesday for our team in list is silly Clinton is consistently done well among women in voters over forty-five and in Florida North Carolina and Illinois a were Clinton scored for big wins women and older voters outnumbered men in Younger voters who tended to vote for Bernie Sanders independence also voted strongly for Bernie Sanders but the me to fully about a quarter of those Voting in North Carolina no Iowa and less than a fifth in Florida and four Donald Trump projected wins in Florida Illinois and North Carolina son going forward we had a fantastic evening I would have never thought this could have happened when trumps Florida when prompted Marco Rubio to suspend his campaign to join case one in his home state Ohio Ohio Governor John case it so much that night watch the party turned into a big celebration and a sigh of relief work basic who won his home state.