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Jimmy Weldon's Tribute To The US Flag, As Played On The USS Kennedy

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, the flag of the United States of America, with the trade deliberate did the hopes of freedom, I was designed by the hands of Betsy Ross, and are so embarrassed get was back cradled. What was never northward I was adopted but the competent Congress in seventeen seventy-seven, and proclaiming the nation above and they should into born on this Konta that fighting value for survival and destined to bring do all man kind a new concept, in light of Liberty and the pursuit of happens, I will with ease it out of the Green mountain boys at the battle afford Redington, I was told about the Dexter Bolden's had to the best of Yankee Clippers, blaze the Trail you, with Daniel Bruin debut Crockett, a led the settlers Kevin West, and caught deaf belly in a cupboard wagon, once now fell to the ground because desire stamp a little Bighorns, there were goalie begins have to pick me up, but galloped up to slip Teddy Roosevelt of his Rough Ryders, in the United States cavalry I was carried do the Hall's of mother's that well, under the shores of Tripoli, via the United States Marine Corps, I stayed with the Boys told it was over over there, all the battlefield of orange told to agree, hate me, oh and they are Go, Forest, that's how meaning the youth and manner that about nation fall at all I still in this. But given their last full Major of boy, [Music] it was all for them forever, but kept well only big killer their Graves and stayed to watch the puppies go limit the crosses rolled role, and flande, Beal, [Music], please by six, Slater during that will be worn, and the final hours of World War Two, as much, what is sure did, years, I still have a result thirteen stripes but is a big key will you get a new star was probably added the Constellation them, blue for you, start with thirteen, now there, he, I've cryptic casket serve our nation he rolls and border their last resting place, but his of president General, at Broncos home private is at Gold Soldier, wherever pre and got a where but there's just as he call it didn't face open, here are the truth, brother Little, there to him, when you, with your head build your hard, and when to play due believed it to be, noteworthy but also words, but think of what they mean do you are and what you say, and with Nick of the phrase what they should undergo, had, remember it matters not what you're they just believe. Going to bet is that you owed your favorite beer, the U., kisser Dalian and they do preserve it for ever, he will ever write Moby Q. where it, the Stars and Stripes forever, I'm old glory, a beer flight, two, I did that, [Music] the Burbank, you'll know boredom back shrewd should, their rapid well go to well with a but that is turnover, combat engineers at