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Listen: Final Republican presidential debate speak for Iowa he's being held tonight

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Justin Sullivan
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Says despite a surgeon murders and shootings in Chicago police stops are down eighty percent final Republican presidential debate speak for Iowa he's being held tonight foster nominees announced today and what a ten K race in Scotland is serving instead of water that story in about twenty minutes faced with mountain dead young people often site the cost of college and an enormous amount of student loans needed the cover the tab as one of the most important issues in the presidential race but the que le Johnson that the Boston globe says current generations of students have another problem most reformed plans would do little to relieve the strain she's covering be New Hampshire primary and is watched candidate space questions firm students there a que le what have you seen i mean you know this ongoing kind of the learning confidence in Iran and on the council colleges really really on the on the on the mind of young people on a lot of young people not been bending to about them for the first time in at ninety-two thousand sixteen so what of the candidate saying when they're pressed on this appease various campaign functions and you know the response means I can find why did they come down things free tuition that but you know what he did something about contenders and and sometimes thing to say I'm thinking complete more pretty norms bombs in their money on the winner Cuban colleges but what they do agree on and on the content college has gotten out of control that it any chance of cotton too much money for their people attended and education higher education basically a art so on that front there any unification Aun had a slow that rapid growth admit that's making its own affordable.