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Listen: "Ryan Fitzpatrick has the leverage right now"

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Tom Pennington
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The money of respect make a moment it is a lot of people out that underpaid about that great you have to have little you had to leverage above low you got paid need to get better each other and you know get the catch him quite Brock to fully thirty-two job if you don't get somebody's will one thing I know about that brought women yes he twice why what he brought intensity have the leverage right especially in Buffalo any Kassian to the tune of thirteen million dollars that one year I hate to tell you this Bart Ryan Fitzpatrick has averaged right now he's not you get the fifteen dollars rather sink and then some whim giving him fifty million dollars but he does have some a leverage there's been Jets pull back Bland the Jets B guard DJ the Jets Cornerback he knows it also will and I really full-bore was unfair there at the beginning of this SP slip.