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Listen: "Forty points and thirteen assists to go along with eight rebounds Doc Rivers on all"

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Chris Trotman
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Clippers Waiters Dodgers Angels Usain use Allen and more we have an L.A. sport now and then lays top trending stories entre Western Berg on the Beast nine eighty Clippers on Friday night trailed by three points at halftime but when on the with twenty to nothing run in the third quarter touts for the Kings by eighteen in the third he ended up winning the game over Sacramento by the score of one seventeen one oh seven Chris all a season-high forty points and thirteen assists to go along with eight rebounds Doc Rivers on all demeanor you know Cousins is back we thought is your when he's aggressive mode that used to be aggressive every game every night what we needed we won the game for zone Mirza the only one early on we can to force accounted for women news each more now it's his halftime adjustments for all of the players Rivers praising their accountability this is a very competitive group John David play together they don't like losing man when the denied again we felt like we were when the same way under Julien today no coaching to just can do that clippers on Monday night playing in net said on that will tip off at seven thirty Lakers meanwhile not playing until Tuesday night they were are at home Friday against the Grizzlies losing consecutive games to Memphis the first back on Wednesday of a drop this one to the Grizzlies one twelve ninety five it's the eight straight loss for the Lakers Byron Scott we just a really good job of getting back on defense and a Piccolo that's because we're we're so disappointingly misses showed that we move to get used to that a play on the other end of the floor lakers Tuesday night March first at home against the Nets that will tip off at seven thirty college basketball you see a lay on the road against Stanford at two games above five hundred sixteen in fourteen now sixteen and fifteen as the Cardinals when seventy nine does seventy bruins now six maintained impact twelve play and will have two games.