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Listen: Super Bowl victory so there is a way to go

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Super Bowl victory so there is a way to go about this in this in the say that should come in will get another job he probably window an end will see how he handles it the next time goes they're always lessons whether you winning all you lose either lessons along the way that I can help you would ensure that you you you succeed in the future i'm sure open wanna hear from you your thoughts on chip Kelly is future I asked Emmanuel Joel about being a general manager an hiring chipped Kelly if he would do it or not he said 100 percent what do you think eight five five two one two four CBS would you hire Jim Kelly eight five five two one two four two two seven I still even after hearing Emmanuel watch show off on NFL general manager I still would have major major issues with what went on because Emmanuel kept pointing to this year this year was bad this year was bad well it was bad but does that mean you dismiss thee other two years an why was a bad was a bad just because of the personnel and was is going to happen no matter who was the coach I mean I there's there's great coaches and have really bad years some times on that I don't all of you can all the sudden put a referendum on that one particular year and that's why I still think that the relationships with some of the players is aim major major part of this but they believed in him they never would have made the Mo but it's also about is he manual said trending in the right direction yeah you're personally and you've got pretty much Andy Reid's players an you you get to the playoffs he just missed out last figure out this year so you not trending in the right direction we always talk about these guys taken over programs that second and third year this gotta be trend in the right direction my man down in Texas Charlie strong this is this year three is it you gotta be trending the right direction you've gotta be getting better not worst may got worse this year six and seven the first year been you have five in seven this year so he's gonna do tremendous job this year the showed the fan base in his bosses that the programs heading in the right direction that any coach here three we gotta be on an upward trajectory yeah I would agree but it's also year one and his personnel so I mean did you expect him to have that much upheaval with the right and it's obvious that those older didn't like him having control the personnel that's why he said a little listen I still what you'd be my head coach but I know what you making the personnel decisions slowly by yourself yeah and that makes sense now Jim Kelly also said that you know he put up no fight With this and also I me I don't I mean maybe I guess that if you tie all the reports together they basically said alright you go Jeffrey Lurie said the chip Kelly you could be the head coach but you can't be the general manager and he said okay fine and then walked out maybe that's the way it went cause that's time both things together but I I don't know I just I have a tough time believing that be player relationships and how he dealt with that locker room wasn't they major major factor here because if the players believed in him I've seen this before I mean you know what the Jets with Rex Ryan last year the way they were sold fired up to end his tenure there and that last game on a high note you know I've seen that stuff before guy like role meal Cornell before he got that Chiefs job when he was Ian term coach there after they fired Todd Haley an they were playing in fur playing their asses offering given on gay Ray bats and and then they ended up being the wrong move by keeping around a but I am when you'll love You're coaching play really hard for and you don't have Jason Peters quitting in saying that I am not going get heard for this if there was a great relationship there that's a veteran players so But there are different players in that locker room Irsay hierarchy in that locker room always an end the guy you have the guys were brought in by Jet that maybe you are you know in the middle tier of that are not gonna have as much.