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Listen: "In a posting on the Macedonia Police Facebook page, officers say they feel horrible"

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Fresno County animals services issued a warning to residents after finding dogs poise in near Selma here's K MJ's Ruth Michaels this living in a Fresno County area of Highland and I knew by se seeing stray dogs in our neighborhood is nothing new but now the residents who lived here Selma I say five of those starts were found dead over the last twenty-four hours and Brandon Michel with Fresno he main animal services tells are news partner Campy age Foxx twenty-six news the Ducks were all killed with rapped point send sendero talks ends and it causes swelling of the brain which will cause seizures and foaming at the mouth than they were just very quickly unfortunately almost always fatal in its consumed now animal control officers are warning Pat owners in the area and not let their dogs seat anything in the street or in yards while their walking in the neighborhood Ruth Michaels Kane amd Shane ends there's news that a large sports store chain is going under K MJ's Liz Curn has the story Sports Authority is filed for bankruptcy and will close one hundred forty stores over the next three months nearly a third of its total The bankruptcy has been looming since January when the company disclosed it'd missed a twenty million dollar DET payment the locations at the store's closing have yet to be released Liz Curn K MJ news I listened to this next story end there's just goes to show you how behind law enforcement can be police in North ohio have taken to Facebook to help returns someone's last property in a posting on the mass the Doni a police Facebook page officers say they feel horrible that someone left a bag of mad in a hotel room trash so police are asking the owner of said missing matched up on by the stations so we can make sure we get it back a police offer to quote make your day if you're the owner of this high-grade crystal Matt even post a photo the pace book page with the bat he with the deck can say hey there's a gravel math worth more than a hundred sixty bucks is if yours come get it but I just returning and you know they say people they do a lot of math they get all Eric Bledsoe can you imagine if you lost his giant bag of ban well it's just like either that or you hear those stories that you know nine one one.