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Listen: "Teenagers and parent spent roughly five hours a day on personal Tech devices, but..."

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Spencer Platt
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Association finds the wall teenagers and parent spent roughly five hours a day on personal Tech devices like our phones they're willing to dial it back doctor Jamie handles Minnis president of the Board of directors set the Association doctor what we learned here one of the really good things about the way it was at one oh two hundred and twenty we have groups indicated that he would be willing to change there have been ninety it in order to hopefully and ninety percent parents and that they would likely change proton pack into my pundits to be a better role model financial noted and being a mantra the them money about but a winning it in you have grown up with tonight alive I'm going to work and apparent to change the around the clock have a tip we're encouraging with Genie handles Min from the American speech lying which hearing Association receives president of the Board of directors talk about concerns about two much Tech time for both adults and say teenagers and those even Younger than that so it's one thing to say you're interested in changing behavior another thing to do it what he recommend but with authority which went to Cleveland family putting together to talk about Sporer he opened.