Listen: "Nobody's going to take away the ring, just like nobody's taking away the ring of the Colts defense"

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Christian Petersen
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Peyton Manning I think it's really interesting that they are going to be people that completely mess what was one of the greatest careers of all time for whatever reason that now I'm not really sure why they're certainly are a lot of people that can hitter Peyton Manning to be controversial or want to take away from what he did in I guess that's what happens when you're great a lot of people did it with Bret far too low Cali ended his career he should have retired away and the Green Bay Packers moved on but do you want to I hate to break continue but no one can take away during nobody can take away to rank just like nobody's taken away the rang of the Colts defense from when Payton was winning a lot again this and and covering of a multitude of fans and that's what I Ravens victory in the playoffs and I'm not sure if he remembers the game went into overtime and a defense fell down actually hid for the Ravens did win in overtime in Denver but how is that a Payton joke I dunno a bad Tom Brady picked off Russell Wilson at the goal line yeah I mean it hitters day when Peyton because there are a lot of people that want to discredit what he did whether it's numbers and comparing them to Brady who is obviously not died in a first for whatever reason there a lot of Patriots reads who can not give peyton is due because they feel somehow it takes away from Brady they can both be great quarterbacks they can both have a place in history you don't have to discredit wine to appreciate the other Tom Brady didn't hit a pretty amazing post on Facebook and tribute to Peyton on Sunday and I say that I think my favorite tribute online my favorite Social Media Post was the one from the Patriots that hash tag it thank you Peyton eight five five two one-two fourteen two seven of eight five five two one-two four two two seven rain is in Houston welcomed after our CBS sports radio.