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What Is Needed To Take ISIS Down

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in your opinion what kind of thing should we be doing, well I think that if you look at the capabilities, the friendly Arab states, the courage that hurt, and a few others, the identity in Iraq interior, that could be defeated I don't want to say easily are quickly but but they are not S.T. models live take read that people Bank and we've seen that when they've been engage directly by the Curtis for example Welwyn well motivated, now well-trained and well-armed, I gather these countries can do a lot but they're not going to do it together because there is not the mutual crowd that they need to form a kind of a cohesive military allies what they need honestly his American leadership, because they would trust us and to provide that leadership the reality is we're going to have to put some Number of American proved in fighting next to the contrary to President Obama you can lead from behind,