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Listen: "Pistons as the number eight feed"

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Team yeah goes to his left to hide doubles three the left a letdown laid it out the wrong way he had been again with that second timeout maybe more competitive than what people expected in the opener between the Cavaliers and the pitched in the paint then that the number eight Peanut hide a playoff franchise record with fifteen triples they were off the hook in the first half the into dead now oddly it now that's not what they do they got away from what they normally which is Fielding off and get rebounds getting second chance points beating New on the inside Andre Drummond Audi if we can be a beefed inside Marcus more or if who had a huge first half then didn't get much working in the second half and it was not what they normally due to manage you wouldn't expect them to continue to hit the reason why did they did they were fifty-two percent from beyond the arc and seven different guys attempted triples shot from downtown so you have the Cavaliers in the fourth quarter taking advantage of some turnovers down por decisions Reggie Jackson ends up jawing at a wrap over a call in gets a technical I just too many mistakes five men in the clutch where the Cavaliers were able to win by five points but I do here win with the Kevin Love playoff career-high with the Kyrie Irving playoff career-high in the Braun of course being right in their John Michael had those called on the Cavaliers radio network this is the perfect formula This is what the Cavaliers want to be able to do moving forward just having to Tighten up on D fans little also make a major lineup adjustment that really affected this game whichever to five he knows is tough him it's not defender with delly has a pick to ruin the Braun Kevin I play I think we we've manufacture quite Tim points in a roll just when they play alone so it was a big play foursome putting care if I was a big adjustment for us some credit coach Lou for potentially making the team's small well that worked against the Golden State Warriors who knows but it words when the No cavaliers needed a boost against the Pistons and love responded by hitting a couple of triples what it does that forced Andre Drummond come out defend on the perimeter and obviously allowed them to get up and down the court more quickly so thirty one for Mayne and then for Kevin Love twenty-eight points and thirteen rebounds so Y UN four huge blowouts in the West UN three games in the East over the weekend were decided by ten points or fewer the one that was the complete aberration once the Miami Heat just the run allowing Charlotte Pyne beating them by thirty-two it after hours with a new Lawrence here on CBS Sports Radio.