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Josh Gordon Fails Again!

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Scott Cunningham
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Inside so I think so much for listening on the conversation eight five five two one two four two two seven somebody or tweet at a wall Radio Nagy fans do you think if Casey but Josh Gordon would go the whole suspension being clean tested and the right right at the end he failed honestly I don't think it's Casey if you're asking me by think because the plant or EQ mistake or somehow the NFL is trying to screw him I don't think so I think I think that's a possibility considering that there was a deleting agent in this particular test that maybe there were other ways that he third commended the test or maybe he was claimed are really longtime maybe he was maybe he wasn't using any type of drug or drinking alcohol because he wanted to get back in the NFL again having my dad who first forty years was using marijuana and could never get claim having dated alcoholics in my life I understand that it it's a powerful addiction people say you can get addicted to marijuana but shouldn't get addicted the effects of marijuana on your life an on your physical body so I certainly get that it's not easy for anyone who's gone through this could just snap your fingers and go cold turkey I'm not judging all in thing is that the NFL rules are outlined and these players by agreeing to defeat yea we know what the consequences are if they get caught again and lots of players used caught during the regular season no one's denying that on I'm not even I'm not even telling you that but they're trying it they all know when the test is everybody knows when the test is the big issue is one few Plunkett fast and you end up in the NFL program then you don't really have a whole lotta leeway I'm wrong but does not marijuana stay near system for thirty days.