Listen: "The Diamondbacks right up the road Peter in competition with us for the fans"

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Ralph Freso
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Now to hear an going out to play a real game with the adrenaline kicked stand the atmosphere is totally different and you just you just get Lott I don't think there's a perfect science just take our needs so many at-bats to full form out of Spring Training he liked again at least SP but from my experience it really doesn't matter you know it's funny guys is so popular and make an so much money Don't be surprised as Scottsdale says under guys start in January second he had been isn't moneymaker you guys my guy somebody said weathered ninety Bucks for a seat now you know I don't know what it is thank goodness I don't have to pay for him but I tell you one thing that change Dolan's we have nine night games down this year which typically play two maybe three did that the most and probably a lot of that has to do with the Diamondbacks right up the road Peter in competition with us for the fans I'm still everywhere we go we have the most man let me go to San Diego we go to Cincinnati you can hear are loud and clear and it's it's great to have that but again nine nine games in Spring Training is quite a few Rondo to some Eagle my guess line from Arizona and that I was looking at you guys on the Tube last night as sit now most folding shares moat fiat right handed hitter with that with a late found Sitton right there mean your and literally point-blank range and I I don't know if he can get out of the way in their sit there right notes tier Selvie gonna get smoked now I know you you can't get out of the way at all and then hit once believe it or not sit nowhere for nineteen years I'm only get hit wind the guy was one of money infielders any took a check so weighing it was so ups people checks wearing that that really got their off the bat right into my kneecap in The Warriors you can't route that you can't move I couldn't walk for about two wearing a guy just sat there but it's amazing you're kind and a good spot there you really you know I feel more for the fans that are above the dugout and they're off to the side because all the wind in their before wrapped it looks dangerous but it's relatively said the league is that that's always been the baseball's they needed by bids just run down the first you're a culture if you rub well what happened bell he's witness signed with an assist it was signed a witness Del yet adds that we were brought up Robin and I didn't wanna limped off the field that had away like two innings later when I was between any kind of slow walkthrough snuck out but they look like Alice lamp in my demand so Bo That to twenty-five years.