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Mike Gallagher On Gay Rights

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Mike Gallagher
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Cassel's ensuring that Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders will appear on the D.C. Democratic Presidential primary ballot on June fourteenth, Counsell members yesterday pass an emergency measure after the D.C. Democratic State committing was a day later then forming the city's Board of elections that the center's campaign donated twenty-five hundred dollars to them as an alternative to submitting one thousand petitions signatures the campaign of opponent Hillary Clinton use the occasion to criticize centers for not sort of fight his candidacy by petitions like they. I've done, in the end there was unanimous support to put centers on the ballot except for say Democratic Party had I need a balls recused herself and Clinton supporter Pinson orange not Voting, I'm Tom Roberts now, second the Rhodes, on the in the local into the other for the Bell went the Wilson Braves right lanes block there with an accident delays begin in Indian had highway, the for The Dow way of Central Avenue the accidents off to the right shoulder watch for delays beginning at root for Pennsylvania Avenue, jammed up to ninety-five northbound between Howard wrote in the eleven Street Bridge, accident there, as a G.M. down from the Bell way three ninety-five H.L. be lanes northbound of boundary channel drive disabled vehicles blocking the left lane local news every thirty minutes all day long on Scott Brady on am twelve sixty the answer, now you're exclusive given the forecast and am twelve sixteen, answer to returning all partly sunny Brees E.N. milder the high temperature fifty-nine degrees, tonight become a mostly cloudy in breezy below fifty walks, tomorrow will appear adieu rain and there could be a thunderstorms that can start like tonight the high temperature tomorrow sixty-four, looking into Friday cool Brees of Clausen some Sunshine high temperature on Friday fifty-eight, with your eye for the forecast I'm meteorologist elevate reps This is my Gallagher but I am twelve search here, [Music] you are all they surely have conspiracies great really money Gallagher having some fun with a run of the color well relaxed might just calm down on the line. The Warriors screen the one that I'm going to ask your legitimate question ground Features, the hit, as coach, well you want to be a vaulted facts Europe, I will not admit, [Music] by will not should mid, really Jared nation by will not submit a question, once again years Maag, I always Victor questions all the time here on the my Gallagher show brought to you by gods not dead too soon theaters everywhere why there's so many social issues in, the the religious Liberty debate is frighten Center as a result of Mississippi or a dive into then just a moment or two, you're going to very much appreciate this movie gods not dead too because it really does we're real life gods not dead too, infielders, everywhere, [Music] so Mississippi's Governor shined legislation yesterday, that would, under the banner of protecting religious Liberties, would allow businesses and individuals to deny Gase, and lesbian was some services, shamed the governor should he did so to protect the rights of people would dig deeply held religious beliefs I read the Bill last night, and, you know it's funny I'm struggling with vision let me tell you why, I know what I don't know one of the things that, really goals me about a lot of people in my business, is the confidence with which people make predictions and they act like they have all the answers and under first admit I don't have all the answers, I really don't and I am struggling with this in La and let me tell you why the Mississippi. Wall is different from other states because this is a, pretty, broadly worded law, that would basically give people not only with sincerely held religious beliefs, but more all convictions, and that's how the Bill was word, to tonight, he rush Surez shoes and goods, to gay people, and again the struggle I have here is number one, I'm appalled, but the government can put, Baker or florist out of business, because there should surely held religious beliefs, tell them that they can not participate in ashamed checks wedding, and let's face should we all know, the activists and the gay couples who are showing those kinds of businesses are trying to make a statement, [Music] they're trying to make a point, they could very easily go down to the next Baker and go to somebody who has no problem, Baking awaiting K. for cake for gay couple, so we'll lick just Liberty is crucial are our freedom to two, on our religious beliefs, is what this country is based on, but when you throw any more all conviction, into the mix and you could say, well a Viola hotel and I have a deep moral conviction against homosexuality, so I'm going to, not allow a gay couple to win a hotel room for me, and say sorry you two days after go somewhere else I'm not ready do you because I have a moral conviction about this issue, I think most Americans would have problem with that, I mean i do. If somebody could shadow to fire you, because you are performing, [Music] in your job but I have a moral conviction against homosexuality and I found out your lesbian so you're fired and there's no protection for that fired individual, and this law this protecting freedom of conscience from government discrimination act as it's called, does protects, people from any consequences, or Or or are, accounted goalie you're penalty, if they discriminate, against individuals, based on their show surely held religious beliefs or more convictions, so my question is where to somebody like me who I think rep, I think I speak for a lot of people in America we're sure right in the middle you know what we don't want discrimination against people because of their religious beliefs, if they hold up, a Billboard goal opposition interchange checks marriage and don't want to be compelled to participate in a same-sex wedding ceremony, but we also earned they shouldn't that's not comparable with discrimination against people, because of who they are, we're a country that does not want to let people be kicked out on the street or Can you know you can go to a homer shelter or you can't have a Get a hotel rumor can't by a product, because your day, so it, to me that the sides of this new they're good the polarizing sizeable one side you have the activists who are just delighted to see a florist get run out of business, and shut down. Because they have a deeply held religious conviction about traditional marriage, on the other hand on the other hand you have defenders, of this Mississippi law, but Shane shoes discrimination, against people, in the business or private chapter, and I don't know why there can be, a common ground I don't know why we can't have been a combination for people, who's religious, liberty should be protected, while also protecting the rights of individuals who happen to be get, that's a difficult issue and what it would looks work through it together one eight hundred six five five Mike are toll-free number eight hundred six five five six four five three twenty minutes before the hour, there's a lot of tech companies off the bat pay Pau is you probably heard cancel the project they're going to open an operation Center in Charlotte, four hundred jobs now lost in North Carolina thanks to their new law the critics Shea promote sh, discrimination against gave people in their state, [Music], you know there was a there was a tweet, [Music] the sums up the way I think a lot of people feel, I think the attitude that I haven't sort of the reflection of of, you don't, in the states that are doing their sure we're all are inviting a world hurt, upon their stage economically when it comes to jobs, the industry, let's face it, Governor Nathan deal is hardly, you know flaming liberal, the Republican governor of Georgia who veto did. A similar law because they were going to hold the Super Bowl they're all these major companies Coca Cola all these companies we know what we're going to pick up and do business somewhere else, because we'd we'd all and and, you want to go back and forth on this If you believe in free enterprise if you believe in, you know the right to return to practice con worse, now that's a two way street too, if you don't like it, accompanies boycott of the state you have the right to show I never gonna do business with the company I don't want to get in the way of that, [Music] but I also him exist, Leon comparable, with the idea of, justified somebody B., discriminate against because somebody has a moral conviction against homosexuality, but she would you think I wanna get my gut gonna take your poll some there's eight hundred six five five Mike, Sean Leahy noted, [Music] gray going good, I appreciate all the new Mike, and I'm I'm a hundred Bruce somewhat yeah I'm gonna, [Music] the fun, but, I don't think and light use that, people are free to go down this year for the net, I'm sure though find somebody, well on the work let them I think the government hit hitting, hole, can do the symbol can do that is over reaching, the pre Martin hits gonna get paid, you know success on those, not and I think if you were pushing people away from Your Business. Whatever reason, and that pitcher on detriment, my game and in the end the flipside John look at look at how it benefited shared the lead when should always you know president, expressed support for traditional marriage and and the activists once swooping down on chipped away, arguably that's the best thing that never happened Chick Fil A business wise nerve their continuing to be one of most successful fast food companies in America because people support of them unsaid listening as a right to express his view, on traditional marriage if he wants to come and that's that, you know so that short cuts both ways but a guy but I appreciate your you're your support on this does this is a tough there's a tough issue I don't know where people who are short of in the middle on this Orr, on the one hand wanna protect religion to religious liberties of people who fuel the way they feel it shouldn't be compelled to do theirs, but also people who'd like me who don't want to see, others, other Americans discriminate against why can't there being a custom commonality here, why can't there be exemptions for people whose crew religious and sheer beliefs, preclude them from participating but you think somebody ought to be able to be fired because they're gay or is there should be, denied, [Music] a hotel room because they're gay, can't get a meal in a restaurant because again, one eight hundred six five five might it's a tough issue let's. Continue to debated you're on the might Gallagher show which it this whole, this whole world this dynamic is changing the show, rapidly with the Supreme Court, decision, legalizing, [Music] Same-sex marriage, that changed to Maine that, this is almost a ship that has trailed and states that are trying to hold on, are going to get trap one and I don't want to see people lose, the the Income the revenue and the benefits of creating jobs, [Music] we're having commerce or industry come to their State eight hundred six five five by coverage on us, [Music], [Music], [Music], [Music], [Music] number, stimulating an intelligent talk am twelve sixty the answer, [Music], [Music], [Music] first, eight, stimulating an intelligent talk am twelve sixty the answer, [Music], [Music] we're just like, that is so evil like I picked up the remote [Music], and as I picked it up and I thought you know something, the human heart and of the studying these passages, but somehow we get insulated from that, and there is a hard when there's things that human beings due to one another when our hearts get hard and totally different guard forgot there's no sense of right or wrong and in one Shane this very famous doctor who was judge for all these work crimes walked in egos is there a doctor here in as the Barrack spit you know they had cut the women's hair and they stripped him of all dignity ended, on mention of things and it was in smelled and they didn't give him enough. Even if they found out of woman's pregnant they shot and killed her in the baby immediately, [Music] and so this is there a doctor in here and she was a doctor in no one moved and he just walked up to someone, I am in and just literal and it was so shocking chief now I will kill another win is your doctor here she step forward another girl, and that set up a little clinic, and then the sky did experience without in a season on people I mean it was, and it reminded me of the pictures that I solid Rwandan, but people that would go to the market in stores in schools and live together, and then the tribal conflict, and pretty soon, [Music] they don't lie local lanes that they would are Wilson Braves that's would be on the idea, in or the right at the bridge watch for accident there blocking right lane jammed up from Indian had high way out of the without Wade Central Avenue accidents off to the right shoulder those delays begin at Pennsylvania avenue to ninety-five north out the eleven streak Richardson accident that's got to waste beginning at South about life three ninety-five H.I.V. lines northbound of boundary channel drive a disabled vehicle swapping the left leg, I'm different of Pentagon, there to crash Dallas toll road eastbound right at one twenty-three still a little bit of heavy volume they're beginning at Springfield road two ninety-five southbound jammed up from Eastern out of the Pennsylvania Avenue fifty and bounced Lowe from four ten headed over toward China worth Avenue and then on down three ninety-five northbound watch for slash Lapointe from King straight up for fourteen straight.