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Listen: "Gregg Popovich might be the greatest coach in the history of the NBA"

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Chris Covatta
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Gregg Popovich might be the greatest coach indie history of the NBA and after the game he set himself It was a man vs boy consumers like mitten boys of it so that spurs fan he's is like nothing but like step too much things run necessary and he's just like the globe truckers so it's an amusing Foligno complaining NBA game being MVP like had medal Larkin show snake different career captain matter them playing with the glove drivers end instead he decided to play any NBA I shoot the choice Steph parade is just doing glowing slaughter stuff so I've met a like Peterson shows the play the gloves riders instead a late missed but had he been a later he would've been perennial All Star and the messy something did staff ever put the ball in his jersey pretending like he was lost so a defender win won a round in certain it happened yeah game now gets a guy can knock it down from half court doesn't mean he's a globe dryer Michigan he's Gattis car that's his range shooting in a parking lot pad take Spurs Fan you catch a bus kick last night She's one game at a good news is it's he NBA it's a long seasons only one game is not likely NFL he doesn't really mean that much whatever you do you don't try take Cueto from a team the deserves at their that good you're better then you showed last night but they really is that good their head and shoulders above you and everybody else in Tim Duncan would not a made that big of a difference it is would Knapp you maybe we kept within 30 If Jim play you with the one I can you would not have won that game.