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Find Out Why These Cats Have Their Own Business Cards

Lisa Rogak, author of "Cats On the Job" talks about cats with jobs - in this instance two felines are used to screen potential employees at an insurance agent's office.

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"The cats actually have business cards and job titles."

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One of the more entertaining cats, there are two of them in this category who work in same, who are in the same workplace are office cats, who work in an insurance adjuster's office in Little Rock, Arkansas, and the cats are just, the cats actually have business cards and job titles, and there are actually a couple of dogs who also work in the office, and the people, the staff, used the cats as screening for future, potential employees and if the employees come in, because you know insurance adjusters have to go in to strange houses and they're attacked, you know, dogs might attack them and they might be afraid of cats and they are very sly at this insurance adjuster office because the new employee, the expected employee will come in and if the employee freaks out at the fact that yes, there is a cat sticking his face, drinking out of your water, into your water glass, then they know not to hire that person.