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Earth and Environment

Listen: "So we have an unusual heat source we have a lot of water"

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Ulet Ifansasti
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Look like all of us activity is producing the Kaiser caught Springs they're very good question and there's a lot of hypothesis right now so we have a team Magna chamber are making arrested for that exists under yellow so it's shallow depth is about three miles from then there's another play six about nine miles but generally it's about fifteen or twenty miles from what is this moping locker Magna reservoir contain it contained about ninety percent Chris goals and ten percent mold material so size likley they can see that so that's the ultimate keep source for all the G eternal future Park you know what some volcano that magnet Chamber of the shallow depth to very hot temperatures start the temperature this Magna is around one thousand four hundred degrees Fahrenheit so very high temperatures it shallow depth in the years and then we also get a lot of water hear there's a lot of precipitation so we have on unusual heat source we have a lot of water and Dan associated with this geologic training room we get hundreds of thousands of earthquake Spurrier the ground also the form it fans over Kansas square miles all this tends to break up the volcanic rock into a whole bunch of fractures in faults and that provides the climbing system so put those together in your mind you start to get a visual or station for how the system works cold water comes down to these cracks it gets heated up it comes back up the surface and it expressed there's that guys are Watt's brings this team grips when the mobbed up so these guys are is around it is but he was Ok now lead in office demon pressure is that just an indication of that cooking that's happening beneath us the question now how do the guys effect of volcano and that was the volcano affected guys are is an interesting one because yes it is releasing energy from them all we roughly figuring their Curry power output of yellow in five to ten gave a lot that is taking tonight away from the volcano but also the volcano here's the heart they're more system and now again we don't know.