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Listen: Brandon Weeden is a great story went away the

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John Grieshop
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Let's start any AMC where with a win over the dysfunctional Dolphins the Patriots little wrap up the 1 seed yet again in an home field will go through Gillette Stadium yet again so who is it couldn't be any AFC who is going to be the biggest challenge earth to the pacts Many thought he could be the Pittsburgh Steelers but the Steelers right now need help even get into the playoffs and frankly the gonna look like dog food last week against Ryan Mallett I'm not so sure about what a state by claimed a them The Bengals well the Bengals were already down their backup quarterback a they have had a ton of playoff problems over the years Brandon Weeden is a great story went away the Buddy telling me that weed and then the Texans are gonna go to Gillette a knock aloft yeah the Kansas City Chiefs be fantastic defense they're one of the hottest teams boldly NFL if not be hottest but I'm supposed to believe they franchise that hasn't won a playoff game since Joe Montana was shooting offer them more than twenty years ago is gonna win in two playoff games this year both on the road and one of them being of and now could be the Jets who just knocked off New England last weekend perhaps in my mind still the best challenger to the Patriots behave say he's be potential to see the Denver Broncos structure quarterback and Nothingness change my standpoint babies availability that is they change frost hopefully and things go well this week so you know let's keep going but everybody knows the team knows Brock is a reporter but he's doing held the job was to keep moving forward and we go from the Broncos you're moving forward with us while arrives there to be and that might be the one thing you just build by on the Broncos can't win at Gillette with a young quarterback I like Os y le but I actually think they can I believe the Patriots can be had this postseason I know they're gonna be the 1 seed I know it's tough to go up there and win a but the Broncos have the recipe to do so number one They've got one of the best defenses in all of the NFL that will travel that Broncos team didn't do that the the Patriots specifically in that second half a couple a Sunday nights ago a couple months ago in Denver Broncos defense can bring the pain they've got to the best book can corners you're gonna get the game intel leaving Chris Harris You gotta play makers all over the place you could get after the pastor remember what the Broncos defense did knocking around Payton knocking around Tom Brady when they didn't play a couple weeks ago The D fans can be their the Broncos also win they won the football could become very balanced CNG Anders seen running behind in all offensive line confine increases to create big play is they've got play makers like the various Thomas who suddenly is catching footfalls incident dropping them an The Broncos have the game planning an have a little experience to having done that they've beaten the knee AFC Championship Game a couple years ago they beat in the regular season a couple of weeks ago Hill believes the Broncos will tell you this I think got us While those guys will something so I don't think he's worried about the moment I don't think the stage to big I don't think these expectations are two huge I still believe the Broncos is specially is the two seed meeting they've got a win the one the whole game and then go one the lowly AFC Championship Game and the Broncos still stands the best test the Patriots India of state The Patriots will be the Dolphins today an beat them handily We know there's because that's what History tells us specifically Leica's The Dolphins are a mess and they've been a mess for a long time and owner Stephen Ross needs to have his feet held the fire they fire on new of their general manager yesterday in a season where they fired I head coach a coordinator another coordinator a general manager blooded salute massive listing to Dan Campbell actions about why they are having problems getting the football to their best play maker Landry on a consistent basis tells you all you need to know about that organization right now you're calling his number and they defense gonna takes away by what they play so anyway it's been a good year certainly hope more out and we wanna get.