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Have To Go Off To War And Don't Know What To Do With Your Dog? There's A Solution For That

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our innovation as a national non profit that provides an on my network for military members of mine volunteers lines avoid their pads during their service commitment, I'm name, seeing amazing so people, I Warriors who are on the line and Magic Johnson a lot, and they maybe gone where a few months for a few years and they don't know what to do with their Pack, and people Foster them right eighth exactly what our organization dive anybody can be involved it's free to register there's no commitment if there's a donned in your area that happens to Matz with your family in my stuff, you can have the service member in eighth and I like to say it's not just on the help cats parents parents and rabbit, the families, animal, if you're in the Marines right handed the keys so much for your service I mean blessed Steve lesi so I guess if this ninety came up with the idea ride it was impact in two thousand eleven I had orders to go on to training where I was living in the air aches and my husband was scheduled to the way he's there's active duty in the Navy and he's the co founder of the organization, and Johnson, and we had our dogs eighty and I was available to last eighties we were able to find a very distant Halle as it was willing to set up in helping South for six nine and it got us thinking man it's where to write all that there must be other military members on the line problem