Listen: "They're a tough team but I do think it's going to be a tough summer for them"

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Hu Chengwei
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Well you know they played really well tonight you know yeah to came back and rally you have but came out really hard on the back of the other their Cup team but I do think it was going to be a tough summer for them because you know go out of it you know Gabbert learn with whom and I'd put a neat little more guys they they have been able to lead the contract coming off the books I don't they appear to pay everyone in the you know took Michael Jordan the coach offense and you know it appeared that it would end the or if they really well coached and not a Kemba Timmons really you know Bachman I think that other key last I had a good deftly work a QB in every fun yeah they would nine in the first quarter going into the week beating the Spurs of all teams so good contract Charlotte yeah he has always my friend always contention award of course per cent of alright.