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Do You Have Mites? Yes, You Do. Here's Why

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concerned that there's so many mites on a does that mean I'm not gonna do we know job in keeping clean no I'd has nothing to do with keeping clean and I think you should know concern that you might say any one of the things we found is that these might have a very very ancient association with. Humans and probably originate with are species if not before and so what that means that we've been living evolving what these nights fur all over history so they're very natural part of year skin ecosystem how often do changer pillow interested injuries I think about bond, you're not exactly right i mean anything okay so Michelle you would take those might scraping from step and from me to the lab into genetic test on them and what might it reveal about us so what I'm interested in understanding more about right now is is how these might some of all done humans over a long period of time and what are studies have shown so far is that you know again the these might a minute so stay with us since we originated in Africa and as we dispersed around the world and kind of. It often the