WWII Tail Gunner Recalls His Lucky Escape From A Burning Plane

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mission over early deficit, it's all, fiery, it's also a lot of our player, shots downs, for the enemy fighters with just, attack two, strome up a little come down strafed cut off a lawyer graceful wearing his plane was just standing goals to them, but, and that's where the last, last Mclain, he can error, and they're staring at the time that the least the last playing like could see because there's nothing behind me, and, all we had dropped are, , we were, on our way, although Holmes away from could go flyin away from Burlington, when I guess, I lost fans and the one goal nice read on like tails, I could see the whole ice time that this is twenty was licensed Sr, and she mildly me, you have a loss, and he was just, but there, it might stunt, and nothing happens, it's fright didn't know his bomber had that hits and was badly damaged, play now, my peak twenty Flores is on fire we love to agents and, flames behind means in the crowd, B.Z. shots, through so losses are playing but I'm not aware of that, my back pitched everything, and, winds, trying to understanding of charging the guns Emmanuel Ian trying to get some shots all hurt, guns are jammed that we had no call work, and then, let's Highlights, fighter pilots Schall what I was doing, and he did a lot of twenty in the limited earliest means get my turf and yes at that time then I lost all control of the turf, the toward who's just when Green, after floor, can force would like to last and, there was nothing, I could do, that's all, , story, it was a good I wish hit legs, and I've tried, to get out in life, there was no way that I could, that's all of us, for, why, he has to disclose due to the glut of you, oxygen, my inner complex beyond all the slots of that, the way I forgot how long can get out of this lightly because, a turkey was shrinking from side to side, and if life try to get up one time, the cotton him, , suffice it use of the turf and the few still up just two, and section, and goals, I do something that I didn't know I could do just to call the survive fall, I just flipped thought but word from the plane straightened out, the turtling Fells was recite just that of that works less, and everything this could likes to pull fell I guess reporter, and as one might notice, everything was earnings,