Listen: "Now Brock Osweiler coming in as well"

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David Banks
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Be a market with that made which is pretty cool it's gotten the Watch play gets to The House year Dalton has been all the laws when I was a college Beal to watch not admired you know his gave it and what he's been able to do it now Brock Osweiler about outside the gives traded to two of their divisional quarterbacks and I'm looking forward to playing twice a year ago beaten all year we'll get ready to see but it's going to be a challenge real Martin are good huge have made a lot of moves trees the you're only two years removed from going through the draft process What's the one thing that stands out the most to you in your memory from that that entire four month event look like a decade ago both I think to be able to enjoy it youre right now you know I viewing guide culminated in weren't going on the breach of the through it but you know everything's coming what do the combine what the union would need on that you know I remembered B the Barry eager you know the first time he don't have that stands out everything that you know you know you hear your desde La and the others it will be an eager to see where you are or the next how can you and you were the surprise in twenty fourteen at least the first surprise the third guy off the board.