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How 'Pilots N Paws' Is Rescuing Pets And Helping Student Pilots

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why not mention but you're fighting, making your flight so for three national non-profit aarp dot org, or blaming anyone, give your out there are a lot of power, that and you're making oh my God it's that easy leanings you are our yeah well that is so much easier ride than usual away from people who can afford to get their pilot's license but a desperate to which is joining me are lot and seventeen ten years it's usually doesn't really is Eric to go higher lead to become a cut to the thing is are learning Australia costs and probably and at a networking as a side effect with a lot of Pilot seen that and he said the job of the and as a result you know we have our younger pilot new another pilot you know meaning currency, why, Alan targeting, now that we could be distributed in a plane, i mean you know a regular experience of wearing a flight training after find people wouldn't go to bring some real-life scenario for like a in so once a pilot while and here's what it's it's a works I mean intents when they're not about right before and after an incident is a staff were volunteers helping men get the dog to the plane to whatever sex of vaccines in other things needs to be done is someone else bringing can also he doesn't have to purchase around one you know what I mean like it is it is insisted so all you really does is you know say low and Logan fly