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Listen: "The Tar Heels will try to get a title"

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Streeter Lecka
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Because his team play to brilliant basketball to get to the Final Four and they deserve to be applauded for it absolutely amazing amazing job by Syracuse but if you brought someone in from Morris and you took this alien and you said to them watched this team play It's fun watching Villanova play I mean villain of us a lot of fun to watch but the purse six one of just the way in North Carolina plays basketball and gets such respect for such respect even though they have their own version of grumpy old Man of one way him Su still Campy can help himself these guys can help themselves from being grumpy Ohlman so the Im static start to the show today was that was awesome last night pure Avila fan if you're North Carolina fan if you're basketball fan sort of us nor fest but it's sets up a beautiful final on Monday night and the Torre heals will try to get a title and and and Villanova is going to try to finish off this run I heard someone say last night the improbable run by Bill Bilodeau but now it's not improbable it's only improbable if you didn't pay attention to them in the regular season and if you said because they've choked it up in the last you know what six or seven years where they can't get out of the first round first weekend excuse me that that's the only reason that it would be improbable two nothing improbable about don't know they all are they there every bit as deserving to be there is North Carolina and I love that I loved to watch it is it's great you watch you see these guys you see people play at a high level you see domination I can't wait going to get Monday night Monday basketball's gonna be very very good now tonight I get the better alike an early morning flight to marvel goal vacation and we're heading up to New York so what a lot of people don't know and and really you know it it's different is I've met very few people then I work with at the CBS Sports Radio.