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Listen: "The Republican Party is betrayed, people like me, I'm independent conservative"

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And yeah it that but you know and and Thank you Gary the color I mean it's those are great points in terms of strategy and tactics that are used but she doesn't even need she really doesn't the left doesn't care there's no one in that audience that a tonight that was going to care about her email Bernie Sanders was right except for He did he didn't pose with the way we would've and that is nobody on our side cares about your family man play let's going to Kevin Detroit can welcome you're on what I radio welcome to the show he had just had to comment that now I ready voted here in Michigan of course I did both for Trump and the reason why border for Trump is I was voted against Republican the Republican Party is the trade people like me I'm independent conservative they've made it clear how much they despise conservatism despised people like me so I've got to the point now that even if foes of a clown was running statistically if a three a Republican from winning The White House so far someone that is J career politicians for winning the White House all four four so any olive G now means nothing to an in Detroit it means everything but there's no issue there's no item call trust I don't try to take crew I don't Gerardi's Rubio I try so you you trust Donald Trump who has changed his mind he has been a lifelong liberal he changes his mind consistently on immigration within twenty-four should be I'm on the visas he changed his mind three times and less than twenty-four hours one hundred and eighty degrees eight changed his mind on the individual mandate within a twenty-four hour period after being quoted one way them he said another which means he has held at least the three positions on that particular issue so as we have talked about that on on key low when it comes to one of the strongest conservative principles which is eminent domain he sides with the Liberals his but a lifelong supporter until he ran for president of the United States on a single player Healthcare system he did only was he was in favor of a huge Welts tax ataque said I don't know any liberal in in the mainstream global I'm United States that ever thought about a massive trillion dollar dwelled tax on on people and you believe you trust in for being a conservative.