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Listen: "He's not costing you, but as Malik's defensive rebound has gotten better, so has his offense"

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Drew Hallowell
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Your such where you not hopping you but only the Pepin rebuttal gotten better hold a lot better so I think we could improve in every area of his game not just the jump shot more than but the ability to stand product people theirs job done on the glass I think you he met and all Day had eleven rebounds and tall the league has become a real important hockey was as we go down the stretch here and there was a lot to do with that success we haven't amount was tournaments yeah it's a little tanner in suited to say that the defense in the rebounding is helping is off fans but if that means he gets to stay on the court for longer I'm not a minute's then eventually that is going to lead to more off fence correct absolutely Moe return from different than anybody we have on the team you know that you have to get better all hearing if your game and took sometimes young guy you might be all Matt my shot I going in a touch breakthrough but you have to realize there's so much more that you do on the court the lead to that except of it and then you're shooting the ball and so I Primo weakest Pollock upper level knowing to be becoming a complete player and that's what we want we want complete players you don't want guys all they do its core minute the other and they're getting up shots giving up way up's not rebounding and and that for everybody on that in not just the weekend so I think as we continue to develop these young guys and a more complete player that will continue to have greater success to the team's Yeah I think a lot of people are seeing the difference with no league because it's it's adding to the excitement because the Aztecs their rolling in the Mountain West there's no question about that the out right champions getting ready for Las Vegas but it's easy for as that fans de su I'm only pope has been doing in think you know what if if he does this in Las Vegas and if he does this than the N.C. doubling tournament it really takes the team to a different level that will ears Lopez week of play better Yeah thanks to play better and so we're all excited to see him continue to grow the lighter at both ends of the floor end and I think he's going to make important plays forces you go down the stretch and into the postseason how much pry dismally pull taking his defense and rebounding I think it's grown I think you take a lot of pride in that now and it all you have to do is go on again Kapler early in the year versus Holly play now I mean we put him on against White only yesterday we put him on a six-foot point guard that was his assignments you know so yeah okay Tierney Lieberman and I was kind of funny Lieberman.