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Earth and Environment

Listen: "There will be days that people wont be able to work outside"

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Scott Barbour
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From a warming Globe's has a new prognosticator in stuffing the report years in the making says by twenty thirty there will be hundreds of thousands of premature deaths hospital admissions an acute respiratory illnesses each year thanks to the warming climate on hold run The White House signs advisor says there will be Gase when people can not work outside by the end of this entry under mid range growth from global greenhouse gas emissions we could end up with thousands to tens of thousands to premature heat related depth to keep related doubts alone the report even projects an increase in depression and mental illness Pam Coulter CBS News The White House Beach again pride parade W FO are tv reporter Silva Arab eighty and there are people walking around but he caught whether there people up around and really didn't show any Theo then RJ made it can get underway and they're still going all over the place the parade guns on Day three of the pride assessed a bold their another parade in this afternoon in hard for going out again this win for the University of Connecticut women's.